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Fully dedicated resources

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BDIXU-VPS 1 CPU1 Core Ram2 GB Disk30 GB Bandwith1 TB Price৳ 840 /Mo ৳ 8400 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 2 CPU2 Core Ram4 GB Disk60 GB Bandwith1 TB Price৳ 1050 /Mo ৳ 10500 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 3 CPU4 Core Ram8 GB Disk120 GB Bandwith2 TB Price৳ 1995 /Mo ৳ 19950 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 4 CPU4 Core Ram16 GB Disk180 GB Bandwith2 TB Price৳ 3150 /Mo ৳ 31500 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 5 CPU6 Core Ram16 GB Disk240 GB Bandwith5 TB Price৳ 3885 /Mo ৳ 38850 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 6 CPU8 Core Ram16 GB Disk420 GB BandwithUnlimited Price৳ 4725 /Mo ৳ 47250 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 7 CPU8 Core Ram32 GB Disk540 GB BandwithUnlimited Price৳ 6615 /Mo ৳ 66150 /Yr Order Now
BDIXU-VPS 8 CPU12 Core Ram48 GB Disk840 GB BandwithUnlimited Price৳ 8610 /Mo ৳ 86100 /Yr Order Now

Cloud Hosting Features

Dedicated resources for you

We specify how your website is run using separate resources using KVM virtualization to achieve a higher level of speed and reliability.

Complete Solution

With our exceptional performance, VPS is a comprehensive option that enables you to increase client satisfaction. A 10 Gbps uplink, more CPU cores, or more storage capacity are just a few advantages.

Super Fast Virtual Server

We are using NVMe SSD, which performs 20X faster than traditional hard disk devices. Your computer will run more quickly if it has two CPUs and enough RAM.

Simple to Setup and Manage

We make it simple to set up, administer, and modify the VPS. Choose your operating system, install/reinstall it, and acquire server root access from a single panel.

99.9% Uptime

Our procative monitoring and management will ensure a 99.9% minimum uptime.

Optimized Routing

Dynamic and optimized global internet routing to ensure you the best path always.

Exciting BDIX VPS features

Root Access



99.9% Uptime


24/7 Support

Operating System

We covered the OS ecosystem to give you convenience

Do you have any questions? We are always here to answer you


Alma Linux

Rocky Linux









General Questions

How long does it take to setup my account?

Using our billing system, our virtual private servers are immediately launched. We will establish within 24 hours if instant setup is unsuccessful for any cause.

Which Plan Should I Choose?

Without experiencing any downtime, you can change your VPS package at any moment. We advise beginning small and working your way up if you are unsure of which strategy will work best for you.

Once I've signed up, can I change my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time without any downtime. Upgrading your plan is easy and free, scale up at any time from your dashboard with a click of a button.

Does HOSTBUYBD charge any hidden fees?

We don't have any unforeseen costs. On our website or in the Terms of Service, all of our costs are plainly stated. However, there will be additional fees if you want to use our backup service or any other service that is not offered as part of the vps deals. The control panel cost will also be charged.

What my website protected from hackers?

transfer from a different host? Our knowledgeable support staff is prepared to move your website from your current server. Here is a link to our Transfer Policy.

Which OS I Can Install?

You can use LInux/Windows OS. Like: Ubuntu, CentOS, Windows Server Etc.

Which payment methods are accepted in this site?

Our system currently supports Paypal, Skrill, Payza, Pay With Cash/Bank and BD Mobile Banking method. But more payment methods are coming soon.

What is BDIX VPS Hosting?

A virtual private server (VPS) hosting is a specialized resource hosting that gives you complete unfettered access to your environment. And while a BDIX VPS is a regulator VPS, it is linked to the BDIX Network, a Bangladeshi local network.

Do you have any questions? We are always here to answer you